In His Living Presence 333 Journey Science to Faith: Page 132

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on the wood cross (crucifix) on the wall. Once again, at the precise moment the probe was placed over the resin chest-heart region, the picram oscilloscope again clearly detected an even stronger pulsating biological type of electrical energy—this is unbelievable. Can you imagine a living pulse emitting from a resin model of Jesus crucified on a wood cross on the wall at the exact moment in time the visionary says, “Jesus is alive on the cross.  Wow! I can honestly say I would never have believed this if I had not been an eye-witness to this extraordinary event myself. I am quite sure many of you will (no doubt) initially succumb to pure gross intellectual pride of the doubting Thomas quagmire kind (just like I did). But everyone in the room did eye-witness this astonishing new fact. After being totally in awe of all its implications, I finally had to sit down. Just imagine? The detection of a bioelectrical type of pulsating activity that is seen only with alive biological electrical organisms of the adult human species variety - was now being recorded from this (dead) resin/wood crucifix --- an inanimate and seemingly non-living object, on the wall.

This new data just recorded occurred only during the moments in time that the visionary said, “Jesus is alive on the cross; and when hearing Jesus speak (His living words) to the visionary (interiorly), while seeing the light of Jesus on the cross in three dimensions. Interestingly, the visionary saw a three dimensional - light energy source. Wow! So, Who or what was this three dimensional light energy source? Can you imagine actually recording a living pulse, a heart beat like type of bio-electrical pulsating activity emitting from a seemingly non-living, lifeless (dead) resin model of Jesus crucified on a wood cross? Just imagine our (my) surprise with this new data.

 With great wonder and excitement, and also being a neurologist, I quickly asked Dr. Callahan to place the probe on the resin model head of Jesus crowned with thorns on the wood cross. As Dr. Callahan quickly placed the probe over and on top of the head area, again we immediately recorded biological type of electrical pulsations, but with a much faster frequency than was initially documented over the chest area. Wow! Wow! Wow! Later, much later when Dr. Callahan re-analyzed the frequency rate in cycles per second, he found that the new recorded rate was in the alpha-beta range - with approximately a 12-20 Hz pulsation activity range detected!

The alpha-beta range (mostly beta) is typically seen in normal adult human EEG recordings, while awake and alert with eyes open. This exciting new data actually implies that the probe was placed on a head of a living normal adult human brain, rather than being placed on the (dead) resin head of Jesus on a wood cross. Recall, we are eye-witnesses to this extraordinary event. What a contradiction. Imagine, an alive and dead resin/wood crucifix? Where else in these studies have we seen this type of contradiction - of being alive and dead simultaneously?

       Recall how Dr. Callahan’s recording of the Schumann waves frequency readings very closely mimicked our EEG brain wave activity frequency readings.      I immediately thought to myself, “I wonder… is it possible that Jesus is really alive…on the cross at this moment?”