In His Living Presence 333 Journey Science to Faith: Page 131

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waves with an amplitude intensity of more than 25 mV anywhere else in the world. Can you imagine real flashes, bolts or darts of lightning energy actually being recorded inside the bedroom of a farm house on a hot, clear and very dry day? Wow! Can anyone please explain this new data? What does all this really mean?     

I remember watching Dr. Callahan closely as he opened his mouth in genuine disbelief and amazement at these new data energy readings—of Soliton waves with amplitudes in the high 80-90 mV range. Wow! Now to place this new data in another perspective that would be sort of similar in today’s modern world of science: the new data recorded by Dr. Callahan would be like a race car driver registering speeds of over 5,000 miles per hour or incredibly like a meteorologist predicting winter temperatures of over 300ºF. Get the picture? This amazing reading of 80-90 mV is truly so outlandish and unbelievable; especially, when you realize this new data was measured inside a bedroom on a very dry beautiful day with bright clear blue skies and no electrical lightning storms in sight.

Basically Dr. Callahan measured flashes or bolts or darts of lightning - light energy in this adjacent room at the very moment the visionary said, “Everybody, please kneel! Jesus our Lord and Savioris alive on the cross (crucifix).” the visionary later told us that she could see the light of Jesus pulsating in intensity around the cross and could hear Jesus speak interiorly (His living words) to her. This occurred while the Soliton waves mV amplitude intensity readings (recorded at the same time) remained amazingly in 80-90 mV range. Here we see that Jesus - in His Living Presence and His living words - in the light (His light) generated the same exact type of light energy. Thus, we recorded and documented astronomical surges of invisible light radiation energy fields similar to real flashes, bolts or darts of lightning - light energy in the visionary’s aura and in the room. So now I ask, “What does Jesus - in His Living Presence or Jesus speaking His living wordsin the light (His living light) and flashes, bolts or darts of lightning - light energy have in common?”

I vividly remember kneeling out of respect and immediately noticing around me that most of the medical team and scientists who were atheists, agnostics, Jewish or hardened Christian skeptics (like me) were not kneeling. So, I asked aloud for everyone to please kneel out of respect. As they started to kneel together in near unison, I recall hearing the visionary say, “Thank You… Jesus. Thank You, Jesus for being here. Praise You…Jesus.” the visionary’s aura - now also measured 80-90mV!

        At that moment, Dr. Callahan quickly stood up and the professor asked him to place one of the probes on the hand/wrist area of the resin/wood crucifix. At that moment the visionary said, “Jesus is alive on the cross.”  Then, one of the probes was placed on the resin/wood crucifix - hand/wrist area (as our audiovisual TV-EEG telemetry shows) and Dr. Callahan’s picram oscilloscope display monitor started to record and register biological-like electrical energy pulsations, a real bioelectrical living pulse! Can you imagine our (my) surprise and astonishment?  Dr. Callahan then quickly moved the probe onto the chest-heart area of the resin corpus of Jesus.