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Ramon M. Sanchez, M.D.

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    In the radio series DEFINING THE LIGHT (based on his book IN THIS LIVING PRESENCE 333, Journey Science to Faith) Dr. Sanchez tells the amazing story of the discovery of completely unprecedented scientific data reflecting the tangible Living Presence of God among us.

In Dr. Sanchez's words:

"Thanks be to God! This is my story of finding astonishing new medical and scientific data that brings mankind to the edge of revealing  God’s  tapestry of truth.  See how the tangible new scientific evidence of His Living Presence connects with ancient Holy Scriptures, the New Testament, the Book of Revelation and the Hebrew ELS Bible Codes. The  scientific aspects are made palatable for all who are hungry to taste and see God’s harmony  of  truth.  See  God’s  Living  Presence  appear before  your  very eyes  in  this medical and scientific quest for the truth. Biophysicist Phillip Callahan, Ph.D., said this book is a masterpiece.   I say, “It’s a piece of the Master.”
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Ramon M. Sanchez, M.D. was  born  in  Havana, Cuba.   He was educated at  Tulane University in  New  Orleans, Louisiana  and  at the  University  of  Miami,  Coral  Gables, Florida.  In four years he received a Bachelor of Arts Degree and a Bachelor of  Science Degree, both with honors.  He  graduated  from the University of Miami School  of Medicine with a Doctor of Medicine  degree. Residency  training   programs  consisted  of general surgery,  neurosurgery  and  neurology  at  Jackson Memorial  Hospitals at the University of Miami School of Medicine and at  Thomas Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia, PA. After  completing a two year  fellowship in  epilepsy, EEG, neurophysiology, neuropharmacology  and sleep disorders  at Jackson  Memorial Hospitals/University of Miami  School of  Medicine / VA Hospitals, Miami,  Florida, Dr. Sanchez  served in the military service as  Commander, US Navy. He was neurology staff physician, clinical instructor and Director, EEG-Neurodiagnostic Laboratories  at the San  Diego  Naval Hospital,  San Diego,  California.  He  also served  as  Director of the Headache  and Pain  Management Clinic, Director of the  Complicated  OB/Neurology Clinic  and Director  of the  Sleep Disorders  Clinic at the same naval hospital. Dr. Sanchez  is a certified Diplomate of the American Board  of Psychiatry and  Neurology and  a  certified Diplomate of  the American  Academy  of  Pain  Management. He is currently  living  in  Atlanta, Georgia with  an active private practice in general neurology,  epileptology,  headache and pain management, sleep  disorders,  neurological pregnancy complications  and EEG/neurophysiology monitoring.

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